Why is there no fix for Male Pattern Baldness?

  1. Crooked teeth? No problem at all. We invented braces to fix that.

    Your breasts don't have the size/shape/firmness that you'd like? No problem either.

    Acne? Well, Accutane has some notable side effects, but it seems to work extremely effectively. It's a last resort anyhow. There are a lot of natural remedies like changing your diet, getting some sun exposure, visiting the sauna, etc. Almost everyone who has a problem with breakouts eventually figures out how to prevent them.

    You're a male in his 20's (or earlier) and you notice your hair thinning/receding? You're ****ed! Nothing feels as helpless as seeing your face become increasingly ugly as your hair slowly but surely disappears.

    Is MPB just one of those natural aging processes for which there will never be a real fix?
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  3. Ryan_m_b

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    Dentistry and cosmetics both employ crude but effective techniques of surgical intervention. This can be done in the case of hair loss with transplants though the effectiveness varies. The problem is that male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is the result of complicated changes in the endocrine system. As with any complex system finding a simple way to manipulate it for a desired effect with no side effects is difficult.

    There was a spate of stem cell related research earlier on in the century which looked to regenerate hair follicles but it was met with limited success and I've not heard anymore.

    As someone in their mid-twenties whose starting to notice a receding hairline this does bother me but it looks like there are no effective treatment methods on the horizon. On the up-side though there is no intrinsic reason why lack of hair automatically equals unattractive. There are certainly styles that can be adopted to pull off a less-hair or even bald look at a young age.
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    Some of the sexiest men have shaved heads. Not buzz cuts, shaved. Also, receding hairlines are attractive and manly, Donald Trump's comb over is not.
  5. I dunno. A little bit of hair loss goes a long way in making you more unattractive.

    To see an example, look at Paul Ryan. He has a big nose, but his thick, square hairline frames his frame in a way such that his big honker isn't really noticeable. If had a V-shaped, thinning hairline, his forehead and nose would look larger, making him look like a creepy old guy.

  6. Some of the fastest distance runners are White. I guess there are exceptions to every rule.
  7. D H

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    As is the case in this photoshopped swap of Joe Biden's and Paul Ryan's hair?

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    Be me. I'm in my early 40's with a full, lush growth. There are a few grey hears unobstrusively tucked behind my ears, so they don't count. :approve:
  9. too much male hormone - there is a medication for it. Try Finasteride 1 mg, it works.
  10. lisab

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    No, no way. Too...just too much. Too much hair, too low hairline, too dark, too dense, does not look natural (even though it probably is).

    This. Although buzz cuts are OK :biggrin:.

    IMO: natural is best.
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    I don't know why the medical community is wasting time and resources on trivial problems like curing cancer or fighting infectious disease or birth defects when they should be confronting some really superficial issues like MPB.

    Maybe that's what's lacking: people refer to the condition as 'male pattern baldness' when they should be referring to 'MPB'. That makes it sound like something which could strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. There could be an MPB Campaign, Walk for an MPB Cure, Raising MPB Awareness campaigns, the wearing of the Steel Gray Ribbon to show your Support to Find a Cure for MPB.
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  12. I started losing my hair, receding and thinning in my mid 20's. And while I did distress over it, and still do occasionally, I've learned how to cut and style my hair so that it isn't as noticeable. Until I tilt my head down. In which case, I'm exposed and naked and I feel incredibly self-conscious about it. I'm only in my early 30s now. I think i should find a wife soon before I lose it all. Or marry a beautiful, sexy blind woman.

    Anyway, MPB has existed for millennia and there must be a reason for it, evolutionarily speaking. Maybe it's a way to calm younger males from directly competing for females. That was one hypothesis that I read. It indicates maturity and wisdom, from certain Asian cultures. But in Western cultures, being old or looking old is discriminated against.
  13. What if you don't have an enlarged prostate? Does it shrink the OK one you have?
  14. i guess you have not googled it at all.BPH is 5mg, for hair growth only 1/5 of that, no side effect as far as i am concerned, been on it >10 yrs.
  15. How do you acquire it?
  16. get a prescription, buy from drug store. The ori Proscar is 3.5x the price of a generic. I used generic, seems equally good. Minoxidil application is another option, but it is messy and oily to apply. i dont like it
  17. By all accounts minoxodil just makes you grow peach fuzz, not real hair. Does the finasteride make you grow real hair?
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    Enjoy your baldness. The only problem is getting a sunburnt head but the cure is simple. Buy a hat.
  19. totally agree! And am starting to feel that sunshine where I hadn't before....actually coldness, like in winter I noticed the lack of insulation most, so buy a toque too!
  20. ahahaa I share your take on this. The first billboard leaving our international airport is an ad for hair transplants or some other technique. Show a bald dude who's all ashamed looking and the wording on the sign is talking about lacking confidence. really, its more transparent and shallow then the ads girls are bombarded with.

    Where is the billboard for my shame for being short and weak, my god now that I think of it...I'm short, balding and weak...oh cruel world! Take my money until Im beautiful like you want me to be :tongue: teeheehee so glad im not self conscious...I'd have a fair bit to feel bad about with my appearance lol
  21. No one has mentioned the only permanent solution - castration.
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