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Why is this choice the correct answer?

  1. Sep 23, 2009 #1
    Here is a multiple-choice question.

    It is the exact wording of the question.

    A true statement regarding the graph of y=inverse relation of f(x) is

    (a) an x-intercept occurs at (1,0)
    (b) a y-intercept occurs at (0,-1)
    (c) The point (-2,3) becomes (3,-2)
    (d) The graph of the inverse relation is a function

    The book says that the correct answer is ONLY (b).

    I know (d) is apparently wrong if y=x^2. But, other choices seem to make sense to me if y=inverse relation of f(x).

    Can someone explain why (b) is correct? Thanks.
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    Part d is worded poorly: it isn't the graph that determines whether something is or is not a function, it is the definition of the relation. You are right, though - 'd' is automatically ruled out.

    Unless the question refers to a specific f (one not supplied in your post) any of a, b, c, could be true.
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