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Why is this fission reaction possible?

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    I thought it was because the kinetic energy of the neutron is equal to or larger than the binding energy of Uranium.. But that's not the answer. Can someone please explain why? Thanks
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    It is favorable because in this reaction energy is released: this release of energy comes from the fact that the binding energy per nucleon increases from reactants (U) to products (Ba + Kr).
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    If the neutron would be so high-energetic, it could split up the uranium into 92 individual protons and 143 neutrons. It cannot do that (it would need more than 1 GeV for that - but then you would get different reactions), but you also have binding energy at the right side in the two nuclei.
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    Oh I see.. Thanks a lot !
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    Oh right.. Thanks for that point. I got it .
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