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  1. O

    I Number of fission neutrons in ENSDF

    I use ENSDF to get information about gamma energies and emission abundances for various nuclides. Now I need to know data about Cf-252, in particular the abundance of spontaneous fission and the average number of emitted neutrons per fission. Where can I find this information there? Just as a...
  2. Ciaran H

    B Where does the increase in mass come from in fission?

    If energy is released during nuclear fission, why is the mass of the products (the two new nuclei and fission neutrons) greater than the mass of the original nuclei? In accordance to E=mc^2, shouldn't the release of energy result in the products having a lesser mass than the original nuclei?
  3. K

    B Why uranium dioxide is used in nuclear reactors?

    In Wikipedia I read that Uranium-235 is a nuclear is fuel in fission reactors, also that Uranium-235 is split (fission) and energy is revealed. But in some images showing how nuclear reactors work, they show Uranium dioxide as nuclear fuel elements. In Wikipedia, it's written that the oxides...
  4. Kirk Truax

    Neutron fission cross section

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know the value of ν∑f for natural uranium? Here ν is the average number of neutron released from fission and ∑f is the macroscopic fission cross section of uranium. Kirk
  5. U

    I Energy released when 238U is divided into two 119Pd.

    Hi! I have a question about nuclear fission. Here is the problem: 238_U (B/A = 7.6 MeV/n) is divided into two 119_Pd ( B/A = 8.5 MeV/n). How much energy will be released? I was thinking since the 119_Pd has larger B/A (binding energy per nucleus), energy is needed for this reaction to happen...
  6. C

    Low pressure Fission reactor

    In small Fission reactors it can be hard to get enough heat in order to boil the water inside the boiler, so why don't we create low pressure boiler systems, where we can boil water at slightly above room temperature, use it to turn the steam turbine as it flows to the similarly low pressure...
  7. Klupa

    B Fission/fusion vs radiation

    Why does fission/fusion occur instead of alpha/beta/gamma radiation?
  8. l0st

    I Is there a way to lower critical mass?

    Judging by , californium-252 has the lowest critical mass among known isotopes and isomeres. But it is still very high. Is there a way to reduce it significantly (down to microgramms) or, perhaps, a semi-stable isotope/isomere, which would have such a...
  9. F

    I Fission of 238U with high energy neutrons & other questions

    Hi, I have a question related to 238U. I know of course that it can fission with neutrons above 1 MeV, but there is a elevated risk it would absorb the neutron and produce 239Pu instead. Let's assume you have a ram of metallic 238U, with perhaps 0,7% 235U, and that you collide it very very...
  10. Tiny Rick

    I Nuclear Laser?

    I've been thinking... Is there any way that there could be sort of a one-time use pulse laser that uses something like a mini atomic bomb to create a super high energy laser? I found stuff about a Nuclear pumped laser and "Project Excalibur", but I wanted to ask actual people who know a lot...
  11. Metals

    B Uranium bomb?

    Now I'm familiar with how nuclear fission works to produce thermal energy and alpha/ beta/gamma radiation, but how do they work in the bomb? When is the high energy neutron fired into the uranium-235, and when does the chain reaction producing the heat begin? Why is it that there's a huge...
  12. sevenperforce

    Clean lithium fission saltwater rocket

    Had been talking NSWRs on a spaceflight forum and a thought occurred to me. Lithium-6 fission can be triggered with relatively low-energy neutrons and releases 4.78 MeV, a helium-4 atom, and a tritium atom. Without a neutron flux, however, lithium-6 is completely stable. With a small...
  13. D

    Why does U235 fission to U236 18% of the time

    First of all, let me say I'm not a physicist, an undergrad, study physics or have any particular education surrounding physics. I'm actually simply a photographer with a special interest in science - so if possible, keep any answers simple. Right, so I was reading about the fission of U235, and...
  14. H

    Binding energy per nucleon and fission/fusion

    Homework Statement Ok so i know that the binding energy per nucleon inceases after fission and fusion and the difference in the binding energy is given out as energy. But if the binding enrgy increases shouldnt there be energy taken in(rather than given out)? Also why is the net loss in my =...
  15. Stephanus

    Lithium fission

    Dear PF Forum, In previous thread, I am asking about fusion power. But there is one thing that intriguing me. This is one of the reactions that produces tritium. n + _3^6Li -> _2^4He + _1^3H + 4.8 Mev What is this reaction called? 1. Fusion? If yes, why it's called fusion? 2. Fission? 3. Other...
  16. A

    $100+ billion dollar gravity business

    I've applied physics in nuclear weapons work, finance, biochemistry, molecular dynamics, space physics, and other areas. High school students, and even young Air Force officers with technical degrees often have little idea of the value of physics. And physics loses. Linked here to a Prezi...
  17. C

    Difference between fusion and fission

    Hi there, Sorry if thisis a stupid question its just been bugging me for a while and im not a scientist as such so need help with the answer... nuclear fission is where two atoms collide and release energy yes? nuclear fusion is where two atoms combine to release energy and a new isotope...
  18. Cen

    I want to work with Fusion

    I am currently in my first year of undergrad taking general science course classes with an undeclared Major. My dream is to work with Nuclear Fusion reactors, and i am at a bit of a loss at choosing Majors. Should I make my concentration "Applied physics specializing in Nuclear Engineering(or...