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Medical Why newly born baby weeps?(psychology interpretation)

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    hi guys , I wanna ask every intellectual persons , a question?
    A newly born baby which just got from mothers stomach,what is in its concept that makes it
    weep(please psychological interpretation)
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    I think it has to do with pain when respiration methods change... Think about it the baby has not used any of its organs on its own yet; including its lungs. When the baby comes out it must feel quite cold and the air going inside it is colder as well.

    It is a method which I'm pretty sure gives the baby extremely good chances of being able to survive as certain things occur when a new born is introduced into the world and crying definitely helps it. I remember reading an article on this awhile ago I'll look it up.

    As well, I hardly think this is philosophy... maybe it should be moved to general discussion?
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    First, "weep" is the wrong word. "Weep" implies tears and new born babies are not capable of tears. A new born baby does cry- that is, it yells. Part of that, I'm sure is just as Sorry! says- the physical shock of being born. But I think it is a mistake to try to specify a "psychological interpretation" at all.
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    I agree with Halls on this that trying to suggest a psychological interpretation is incorrect.

    Actually, I don't even think it's so much a physical shock as related to taking a first breath and then making the only vocalization that seems to come naturally when they exhale. It requires cutting or clamping the umbilical cord, which shifts the blood flow in a way that allows the lungs to become functional. Part of it very well may be to clear fluids from the lungs, but that's just a guess.
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    Here's a website I found relating to what I was speaking of in my post...
    http://www.cordclamp.com/Why Do Babies Cr1.htm

    It's not specifically the one I was looking for but it's basically the same.

    As well. I wasn't intending my post to be answering his 'psychological interpretation' because I feel we've just evolved that way as a mechanism for the newborn to have an easy transition.

    Here is an article on fetal psychology though:

    Its quite old 1998. I'll look for something more recent and up-to-date.
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    Andy Resnick

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    The physiological changes that have to occur within that first few seconds are incredible- the lung and airway epithelia changes from secretory to absorptive (and must quickly absorb all the fluid that fills the aveoli), the circulatory system undergoes a massive change as well- blood O2 enters via the lungs rather than the mother, the sensory function of eyes, ears, skin, nose... all get amplified, etc.

    It's absolutely fantastic.
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    At the risk of oversimplifying, babies cry because it is the only form of communication they have to express their discomfort. It alerts the parents to provide care and relieve the discomfort.
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