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Why no EOM in QFT with higher than second order derivatives in time and space?

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    When we write down a Lagragian for a quantum field theory, it is said that it should not depend on the second and higher order time and space derivatives of [tex]\phi[/tex], because we want the equation of motion(EOM) to be at most second order. Why is it so important. What trouble will a higher order EOM cuase in physics? Could anyone give me some examples? Thanks.
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    The tale says that the problem is non-locality, that is you'd generate a Taylor series expansion.
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    Non-locality happens when there are negative powers of momentum in the lagrangian. A finite series of positive powers of momentum is still local. There must be some other physical reasons to rule out higher powers of momentum.
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    why do negative powers of momentum yield non-locality and in what sense?
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    Effective field theories sometimes have higher derivative powers. But, a field theory with any higher derivative terms will not be renormalizable and, so, would be expected not to be a fundamental theory.
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