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Why phi component is not taken into account for vector R ?See attachment.

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    Why phi component is not taken into account while calculation electric field intensity due to line charge?See attachment for details.https://physicsforums-bernhardtmediall.netdna-ssl.com/data/attachments/74/74211-22d26b27211fd4b186955b890458804e.jpg [Broken] https://physicsforums-bernhardtmediall.netdna-ssl.com/data/attachments/74/74212-c0d171ced27ce079690ae1924ecc7a04.jpg [Broken]

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    The position vector in cylinder coordinates does not have a ##\varphi## component, it is given by ##\vec r = \rho \vec e_\rho + z\vec e_z##.
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    Thanks for you help.
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