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Why the particle that was discovered has to be higgs

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    why the particle that was believed to be found has to be higgs boson and not just any other fundamental particle that make up preivously thought to be fundamental particles i.e quarks or leptons.

    Or it was just only one particles that was missing in the standard model i.e higgs boson.

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    Ah, it isn't necessarily *the* higgs, but it is likely to be *a* higgs - its a spin 0 boson, but it could be one of the 5 proposed higgs from SUSY. However, as it is spin 0, it cannot be a fermion (ie quarks or leptons, which have spin 1/2), and there are no other spin 0 bosons. The spin can be determined from the decay products. That's what I understand by it, anyway!
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    It can still be spin 2.
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