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News Why The Protests in Egypt Were Inspiring

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    I think the Egypt protests were inspiring because in Egypt they weren't able to shut down the internet but in Britain and In the US there were instances were cell phone messaging was shut down. There was calls to shut down twitter and people have been jailed for a protest that didn't happen. Maybe it's not comparable but there was a feeling by some that decent in the west was crushed.

    I mean what they did in Egypt was truly inspiring weather or not the situations there is at all comparable to America.

    but weather they are comparable or not it is important for people to speak up before the people lose the freedom that they are so often told they have.

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    Lol, wrong section. In fact, I think you're on the wrong forums entirely.

    Good luck, though!
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    Here are some relevant posts from the OWS thread about the connection between the current protest and the Egypt protest.


    here is what it says in Maclean's Magazine:


    P.S. since the more modern version of this poem was taken down in my previous post here is the original version (not copyrighted) as well as the Wikipedia link I previously provided:

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    I think others were inspired by the fact that the uprising lead to an overthrow of a 30 year dictatorship.
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    Those protests were just hype .. I was more disappointed in the chaos than inspired.
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    So, for the situation in Egypt to be comparable - are you calling President Obama a dictator? I'm not the guys biggest fan, but I wouldn't go that far.

    Other than possible localized infrastructure failure - who said anything about internet/phone/messaging access being interupted at all? Do you have a reliable source talking, even as a possibility, of intentional censorship by the US? (Britian has been known to do it for security reasons, but the US?)
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    Didn't the guy authorize the US to enter the Libyan war without the approval of Congress?
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    I'm certainly not the President's biggest fan - but Libya remains a dangerous place. Someone needs to find those shoulder-fired weapons.
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    San Francisco shut off cell phone service to stifle communications for a planned protest in the subways

    EDIT: Agh just realized all this stuff is a month old... oh well I'm leaving this up
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    the protesters don't think they're making a concession. they think they're setting up a military dictatorship. i wouldn't expect the protestors to back off until the military is out of power.


    and fwiw, monstrous things are still being done in egyptian jails. less than a month ago:
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    The Philippines also had overthrown the dictatorship of Marcos. It was through People Power. It only shows that people will not let anyone overabuse them.
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    Don't believe everything Fox news says .Fox news speaks for people who plan to divide Egypt to a coptic state and a muslim state similar to what they did in Sudan and plan to do in nigeria , Yemen and other countries
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