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Why there's always wind with each earthquake aftershock?

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    Hi everyone, I live in Chengdu, China where as many of you may know suffers a terrible earthquake aftershock nowadays. But during every aftershock there's always a wind blowing from nowhere. I wonder why? Many of my classmates & friends notice this as well. Are there any scientific explainations?
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    Hi, Est I hope that you're alright.

    Good question though. I don't believe that there is any research for this. Of course you need to challenge the statistical relevance first. How about wind, for instance, when there are no aftershocks; and have there really been no aftershocks when there was no wind?
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    even a aftershock is a foreshock for another aftershock...
    sometimes wind tend to increase stress in the faults...

    check this link.....some people believe in the points given in this site....don't completely believe in them ...these are just their perception...
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