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Homework Help: Wierd Circuit Need Help Figuring it Out

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    I am trying to figure out mathmatically how to come up with the total resistance of this circuit. I have a mock up of it and came up with 232.2+or-. I cannot seem to figure it ouy on my own yet and don't truly have the time to do it. There is a 97.3 resistor on the top and the right side has a 71.7 ohm resistor. Going down the center line is a 69.8 and a 71.8 ohm before a split then another 71.7 Ohm resistor. On the left there are 59.9, 72.6 and a 72.2.
    69.8 71.7
    | |
    71.8 |
    ____________| |
    59.9 | |
    72.6 71.7 |
    72.2 | |
    | |__________________|

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    Doc Al

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    Simplify the circuit step by step. Find any cases where resistors are purely in series or parallel and replace them with their equivalent resistance. Redraw the circuit and repeat the analysis. Keep doing that until you're done.

    For example: In the left loop, there are 3 resistors in series; in the right loop, 4 are in series. Start there.
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