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Will 2 newly formed wave-packets be entangled?

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    Suppose that we can create a pair of wave-packets at 2 places in opposite directions to each other. For example, from the origin at x=0, many waves of different frequencies are emitted in 2 opposite directions to form 2 wave-packets at x and -x where the maximum superposition occurs. Will those formed 2 packets be entangled?
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    They may or may not be! Depends on how you create them.
    Just two random electrons from a bunch of electrons in a photoelectric experiment? Unlikely!
    An electron and a positron pair-producted from a photon? They surely are!

    I also should mention that we have degrees of entanglement. So its not that they are either entangled or not, its how much they are entangled!
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    Many sources are aligned along y-direction and send waves in 2 opposite x-directions as in the attached image.

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    A source can't "send a wave." You need to describe an physical process.
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