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Will cosmic microwave background disappear?

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    According to the standard cosmological model, the description for cosmic temperature falls is:T=A*t^-0.5. So when t-->infinite, T-->0.

    It means the temperature of microwave background will approach 0k after billions of years.

    Microwave background will disappear?:confused:
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    I agree with Russ Watters "Yep" pronouncement
    here's a beautifully written article about that and other far-future conditions
    by a firstrate cosmologist

    The Return of a Static Universe and the End of Cosmology
    Lawrence M. Krauss (1,2), Robert J. Scherrer (2) ((1) Case Western Reserve University, (2) Vanderbilt University)
    to appear, GRG October 2007
    (Submitted on 2 Apr 2007 (v1), last revised 27 Jun 2007 (this version, v3))

    "We demonstrate that as we extrapolate the current LambdaCDM universe forward in time, all evidence of the Hubble expansion will disappear, so that observers in our 'island universe' will be fundamentally incapable of determining the true nature of the universe, including the existence of the highly dominant vacuum energy, the existence of the CMB, and the primordial origin of light elements. With these pillars of the modern Big Bang gone, this epoch will mark the end of cosmology and the return of a static universe. In this sense, the coordinate system appropriate for future observers will perhaps fittingly resemble the static coordinate system in which the de Sitter universe was first presented."

    (5th prize 2007 Gravity Research Foundation Essay)
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