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Will human beings destroy the earth

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    Do you think, in 200 years time, will human beings destroy the earth and their own civilization?
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    Life in 200 years would be like the Jetsons. :biggrin:
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    I don't see how humans could even possibly destroy the earth, unless they develop a weapon so powerful it would knock the earth out of its orbit and into the sun. Now, humans being present on the planet...that's an entirely different story.
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    They possibly could.

    [tex]E = mc^2[/tex]
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    I think the time for it being likely for humans to destroy ourselves has passed.
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    That's why I put in the "unless..."
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Destroy ourselves completely? Nope. Unless an asteroid or comet takes us out, I think it's a question of the quality of life, not whether or not humanity will survive. Global climate change will probably wreak havoc [if it isn't already], and I suspect that a few nukes, and probably some biological or chemical weapons will be used on major population centers, but life will go on.
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    I saw a thing last night where some scientists think the greenhouse effect is going to lead to a man made ice age. The increased temperature will lead to melting of glaciers which will lead to a drop in the salinity of the oceans. This will screw up a certain current in the oceans that carries warm water from the equator to northern climes. It redistributes the equitorial heat northward and depends somehow on the right amount of salinity. They've already detected a drop in the salinity of this heat conveyer.
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