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Will I ever need my undergrad transcript again once I'm in grad school?

  1. Oct 29, 2014 #1
    I'd like to forget about the whole thing due to poor performance in a couple areas. I'm assuming in the future all that will matter is my grad school transcript and outside of the first year or two of a PhD program I doubt anyone would ask for my undergrad grades, perhaps they would just ask for proof I got my undergrad degrees?
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    Will you need your transcripts? Yes and it always seems like you'll need them at the most inconvenient times. I got my undergrad degree 9 (!) years ago at this point and I just had to order transcripts (for undergrad and grad school) about a month ago for the transition from my fellowship to a permanent research position.
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    I think it becomes less and less relevant as time goes by but never quite irrelevant. People are always interested in your history.
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    Well I suppose that is somewhat good news. My transcript is just really messed up because I missed a semester and then ended up with a compressed schedule on the other end which messed up my average but it's not the worst transcript ever either.
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