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Will nanotechnology replace modern Engineering disciplines?

  1. Oct 20, 2007 #1
    Well this is coming from someone with limited knowledge about nanotechnology, although from what i've seen, heard, read, it seems like it provides a lot of small solutions? And when i say modern Engineering disciplines, i mean areas like electronics/electrical, mechanical, maybe civil? I've read about scientists creating transistors and such on the nano scale, so i'm wondering if they can do that, create all these minute nano stuff and modify them for the same purposes that large stuff now days does, then would nano technology replace the need for engineering?? I could have this completely wrong and interpret nano technology in another light, so i was just wondering?

    I don't know if this is valid 'evidence', but i've read how in some science fiction books, the authors use nano technology, how it has replaced the way conventional planes are built, where just nano structures control the flight and such...stuff like that.
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    Nanotechnology at the moment just means anything small - even paint could be called nanotech since it contains small engineered beads.
    The more science fiction meaning of 'bottom-up' construction where nano-bots self assemble themselves into larger structures is a little further away.
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    So, would it be right to say then, that nanotechnology will eventually replace many engineering technology related disciplines??
    If that's the case, then those of us doing/considering an Engineering degree, would it be worth it?
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    Well, I do see your point eeuler, but then again nano tech is not going to replace engineering or engineering in any way. Nano tech is the NEXT STEP in engineering. As stated above, nano tech is basically just any technology developed on the nano level, so basically we're just taking technology we have and shrinking it. Therefore I would say that taking an engineering degree would definitely be worth it DUE to nano tech, as we stand before a new era of technological development that will revolutionize engineering fields such as electronics and material sciences, as well as many, many other fields. And engineers and other scientists will be the ones taking these new leaps for mankind.

    Excuse the clishé, but it's really true.:P
  6. Oct 25, 2007 #5
    I'll take your word on it ;)
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