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Will someone please translate this to English?

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    I believe this might be some Italian? Someone posted a reply to me on a another forum and I don't have a clue what it says. I do for a fact it is not Spanish. I know that 100%. My first guess was Spanish so I have asked a friend cause she knows Spanish and she was not sure what it said so it's not Spanish..

    "El Grandissimo Engenierio de Mathematico De Universio."
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    Complete guess but: the greatest engineer in the mathematical universe?

    I don't speak Italian btw.
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    I guess... maybe...
    I thought that it had something to do with ducks.
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    I'm not even sure that's a language. Might just be trying to look like one.
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    That's what someone told me also. She tried to translate it and she told me they either spelled it wrong or miss words or possibly making an ass out of them selfs.

    I agree I miss words that where some people ask me is English my first language. It is my first and the only language I know. The reason why I miss words is cause I am in a rush to make a thread or reply to my thread.
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    I don't think its a language either.

    Perhaps if we knew the context, we could have more of a guess. Do you have a link to the other forum?
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    D H

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    He was pulling your leg. The translation is kind of obvious, no? "The fattest mathematical engineer in the university".
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    They all pull my leg at that place, don't you think so at that thread?
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    D H

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    To be blunt, you deserved it. You asked a question that was simultaneously confrontational and nonsensical. Nonetheless, the responses in posts #7-10 are pretty good.
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