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Will temperature go down

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    Curiously, I want to know that the temperature(average) will go down regularly until it becomes 0K or it will settle down in b/w somewhere of whole Universe

    Or, it is depended on some other matter that can not be detected!

    10^-43 seconds after big bang the temperature was approx. 10^32 K
    And, it is going down gradually.
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    Two things happen:

    1] the energy gets distributed more evenly, until everything is the same temp and no more heat transfer occurs. It will be pretty cold (~4K).

    2] the energy gets rarefied. As the universe continues to expand, the temperature on average will drop. It's not because it's cooling per se, it's because the same amount of energy is being spread out over a larger volume. The temp. drop will get slower and slower, and will aysmptotically approach zero (i.e never reach it).
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    As DaveC noted, it will never actually reach absolute zero. But more importantly, it also must have been hotter in the past if BB theory is correct. About 5 years ago scientists found a way to measure what the background temperature was billions of years ago. It was hotter, just as predicted. Here's a trailer:
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    Read this.
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