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Will the 1018 steel bar bend problem

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    I need some help determining if a bar with increased length and loads is going to bend. The original length and loads were 1018 steel, 1 3/8 dia, 7.8" long with 480 lbs at one end and being supported with bearings at 2 locations 4.68" and 7.8" away.
    The new configuration is 1018 steel, 1 3/8 dia. 12" long with 1460 lbs at one end and being supported with bearing at 2 locations 8.9" and 12" away.

    I took 1460 lbs * 8.9 inch to get a bending moment of 1082 ft*lbs
    The YTS is 63800 psi and the yield strength is 53700 psi.

    Do I take the cross section area of 1.484 inch ^2 and multiply the yield strength. Then add a safety factor?
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