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Bend is a city in and the county seat of Deschutes County, Oregon, United States. It is the principal city of the Bend Metropolitan Statistical Area. Bend is Central Oregon's largest city and, despite its modest size, is the de facto metropolis of the region, owing to the low population density of that area. Bend recorded a population of 76,693 at the time of the 2010 U.S. Census, up from 52,029 at the 2000 census. The estimated population of the city as of 2019 was 100,421. The Bend metro population was estimated at 197,488 as of July 16, 2019. It is the fifth largest metropolitan area in Oregon.
Bend is located on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range along the Deschutes River. There the Ponderosa pine forest transitions into the high desert, characterized by arid land, junipers, sagebrush, and bitterbrush. Originally a crossing point on the river, settlement began in the early 1900s. Bend was incorporated as a city in 1905. Economically, it started as a logging town but is now identified as a gateway for many outdoor sports, including mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, white-water rafting, skiing, paragliding, and golf.

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  1. Grizzly_1

    The advisory speed for a car on a sloped bend

    Hello all, I am sadly stuck on the last part of a circular motion question sheet I was given for homework. I have a mark-scheme with me, but it has actually given me more questions than answers. I have attached my working, and how I arrived at my answer, and the differences it has with the...
  2. Y

    What is the easiest way to bend a Polypropylene stick?

    This is not homework. I bought this cane, BUT I do NOT want the axe head, I just want to make a crook cane out of it, I do NOT want it to be a weapon, just a very sturdy cane. So my idea is to CUT the axe part off and bend the end to a curve to make my own crook cane. It is 38" long, so I have...
  3. M

    B High Frequency Photons: More Mass, More Bend?

    Since high frequency photons have more relativistic mass, should we expect them to bend more than lower frequency lights when traveling through a gravitational field, thus produce a rainbow effect? But we don't seem to experience rainbow effects with star light.
  4. N

    I Need help coming up with an equation for a bend angle calculation

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I have an application where I need to measure the bend angle of a tube and display the resulting angle on a screen. I am using a laser mounted in a fixed location which reports distance back to my controller, (scaled to millimeters.) I am measuring from 92...
  5. TheTuringTester

    B How Matter Bends Space & Slows Time: Physical Mechanism

    Given that we know experimentally that time slows and space bends in the presence of matter, what is the actual physical mechanism that enables matter to bend space and slow time?
  6. sandmanvgc

    Force Exerted by fluid on a Bend, an Enlargement, or a Contraction

    My attempt to try and convert book equation to FE manual equation in 3rd pic Fx = QpV1 + P1A1 - QpV2Cosa - P2A2Cosa Fx = P1A1 - P2A2Cosa+ Qp(V2Cosa +V1) P1A1 - P2A2Cos(a) - Fx = -Qp(V2Cosa +V1)
  7. A

    A Creating a Variable Bend in a Function with Preserved Properties

    I have the following function: $$y = s-1 + exp (-ln (-1 / (s-1)) x)$$ with 0 < s < 1. For ##x = 0## you have ##y = s## and for ##x = 1## you have ##y = 0##. The function has a fixed bend, but now I want to make the bend variable, while the two properties, that for ##x = 0## you have ##y = s##...
  8. AN630078

    Circular Motion of a Cyclist and a Car going around a bend in the road

    Question 1: So we are given three variables; Mass=90kg Angle to the vertical = 20 degrees Speed = 10 ms^-1 There is not enough information to rearrange the formulas for centripetal force or acceleration in terms of r to find the radius. However, I have a attached a free body diagram of a...
  9. person123

    I Stresses Caused By Deformation For Bending

    Hi. Say you apply a moment on a beam and bend it into an arch. If you take a free body diagram of a section of the beam you would need normal stresses in the radial direction to balance the forces: I have never seen this brought up before though -- is it correct logic? Also, is this sort of...
  10. T

    Understanding forces acting on a pipe bend when fluid is passing through

    Hello all I am trying to understand the forces that are acting on a pipe bend when a fluid is passing through it. I have been given the following diagram:- The bit i cannot get my head around is why does P2A2 point the way it does i.e. down towards the left shouldn't is point the opposite...
  11. Frigus

    B Why Does a Rope Bend? Understanding the Tension and Forces at Play

    Suppose a rope is placed horizontally on a table and rope is perfectly ideal and I pulled the rope from one side in upward direction as rope is ideal so tension should be same, so the particle I pulled should have exerted equal force(due to tension)to the particle which is adjacent to it and...
  12. K

    Converting Pipe Displacement into forces on a Bend

    Hi there, I am by no means a mathematician, I am currently working on a project to improve the safety of gas distribution systems in multi occupancy developments. I am hitting a bit of a wall regarding converting displacement onto force. I am trying to calculate the stress applied to a point...
  13. S

    Can a magnet bend a ray of light?

    Can an everyday magnet disturb a ray of light. I have seen many answers online saying no, and some saying yes, but only if the magnetic field is large enough.
  14. H

    Why do higher frequency light waves bend more in a prism?

    For example, why does blue light refract more than red light in a prism?
  15. N

    B Does a gyroscope bend spacetime?

    I've tried to find the answer to this but I can't I know what we experience as gravity is the bending of space by the mass of the Earth. But, a gyroscope is able to defy the Earths bending of space. Does a gyroscope on a small scale bend space perpendicular to the Earths bending and that's why...
  16. Dante Meira

    B Do Permanent Magnets Bend Spacetime? Basic Thread

    Basic level thread here. If gravity "bends" the spacetime continuum, do a strong permanent magnet bend spacetime too? I'm no physicist, I'm layman, and I just don't know how this "bending" of spacetime works when a Jumbo jet is in free fall from 10 thousand meters high, pulled by Earth's...
  17. Prof Sabi

    Does electric charge bend anything?

    If mass is considered to bend space time fabric.. does electric charge bends anything?
  18. D

    How Is the Minimum Bend Radius of a Fiber Optic Cable Determined?

    If there is a fiber optic cable with a diameter d, the index of refraction of the cladding the cable is given, and so is the index of refraction core of the cable, how would you formulate an equation for the minimum radius of bend the cable can have? Thank you in advance.
  19. E

    Pipeline bend calculation from strain gauge data

    Hi all, I'm doing a stress analysis and I’m considering 3 buried pipelines carrying oil. Vibrating wire strain gauges have been installed in different sections for a total of 468 strain gauges. These have been arranged on the surface of the pipelines 120°apart: This pipelines have...
  20. P

    Is it possible to bend a laser beam?

    If so how can we do that?
  21. M

    B Do drums/strings have a pitch bend when they are struck?

    I am a musician trying to develop some physical modelling synthesizers (synthesizers modelling natural instruments). In particular, drums and guitar. It is my impression from playing drums and guitar that when you strike a drum head or guitar string very aggressively, there is a natural "pitch...
  22. T

    Using two connected Yagi antennas to "bend" a mobile signal

    I have a typical problem. I have two bars mobile signal in my attic - none at ground floor level. The reason is a roadside pole transmitter less than 500m away installed down in a dip behind houses (duh!) An electrically powered signal booster is illegal in the UK which atracts a £5000 fine...
  23. N

    B Exploring Gravity: Does it Bend Space-Time?

    Can someone explain how gravity pushes? I know that it bends space-time, and I've seen pictures of this. But in all of the pictures, they are just objects on a flat surface. Is it really like this, because then wouldn't space-time itself have its own gravity.
  24. S

    Calculating Force/Moment to Bend Strip into Circle

    I need to calculate the force or moment required to bend a thin strip into a circle
  25. B

    Singular pressure loss in a bend

    Hello everyone, I have difficulties estimating the singular pressure drop coefficient of a 90° bend of radius ratio 1.5, based on literature. For example, if I look at the Idel'Cik book, I find a value of 0.17. If I take a different reference: "TRW Fluid Designers Handbook", I get a coefficient...
  26. DKKrunch

    Load (Weight) to bend A-514 Plate Steel?

    I am tying to find out how much weight I can support with a piece of plate steel (A514) that is supported only on the three edges. The open span would be 30" wide 36" long and .500" thick. I need to know what the maximum amount of weight I can support with .250" or less deflection. Can anyone...
  27. B

    Help calculating force required to bend

    Can anyone help me figure out how much force would be required to bend a 2mm thick piece of 6063 T5 aluminum? The end product is a little difficult to explain so I think the following is the best way to visualize the situation: Imagine a U shaped piece made out of 2mm thick 6063 T5 aluminum...
  28. S

    Calculating Power to Bend 16" Pipe 6m Long

    please i need to know how to calculate power needed to bend 16" pipe with wall thickness 8mm long 6m by roll bending
  29. K

    What causes light to bend in refraction

    (Sorry my poor English.) How could we explain the bending of light after refraction? The wave in my example will cause the charge to move in the y direction. Now, analysing it from the particle point of view of light, since the momentum must be conserved, as the charge moves in a direction, the...
  30. G

    Location of bend line on sheet metal flat layout?

    For a flat layout sheet metal part, is the bend line located directly in the middle of the bend allowance section, or is it inset from one side by a distance of the bend radius? So for a U-channel with an opening of approx. 4.56" (distance between inside of legs), would the distance between the...
  31. P

    Understanding Bend Categorization

    I'm quite confused on how bends are categorised. Some would refer it to 1.5D or 3D bends for instance, while some will use the ratio of the bend diameter (D) to pipe bore (d). I somewhat understand the two separately, but couldn't go about how to convert between the two. Can someone help me...
  32. F

    I Thin Rods Bend Better: Exploring Strength & Flexibility

    Suggest why a thin rod can bend more than thick rod without breaking
  33. A

    How much Gravity is needed to bend light?

    By gravity I mean the mass of a object capable of bending light. I don't want a explanation too say about how or why it will bend, just want the mass in numbers or equation please.
  34. F

    Force at Pipe Bend Outlet A: 0.0707(12cos120 - 12)

    Homework Statement why the force at outlet A shouldn't be 0.0707(12 cos120 - 12) Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution as we can see from the figure , outlet A make an angle 120 with the horizontal line
  35. B

    Finding out Shear rate of a bent pipe which has different bend radius values

    which has different radiuses at both end. Its actually two pipes merging after the entrance going straight and somewhere close to middle of the pipe it's bent 90°. So for simple pipes it's =4*Q π*r^3 But what for the pipe I...
  36. S

    Why does light Ray bend in accelerating elevator but not...

    This may be a basic question but why does light ray bend in accelerating elevator but not in one with constant velocity. I know a frame of reference with constant velocity is indistinguishable from a stationary one from the inside but I feel like like somehow the light seems to know whether it's...
  37. P

    Is Bending the Bar in Powerlifting an Effective Technique?

    I was wondering , in power lifting , if while doing the deadlift the bar that's holding the two masses bends , is he actually lifting up 100% of the theoretical weight or say about 70-90% of it ? Because i tought , if there's at a certain point ,a force pushing the two weights down, could that...
  38. 3301

    B So I want to bend space lots of times

    So today i decided to start bending my paper few time. Bending my dots i draw on paper. Also i want to bend it infinite times. Can I bend space infinite times all until the space becomes one dot. Illustration :) This is my paper and i draw 2 dots on them. After I bent i draw one more. And...
  39. K

    The force necessary to bend a scaffold pole

    Hi, I have a question on the force necessary to bend a scaffold pole. I have a barn made of curved scaffold poles approximately 20 ft high at the apex and 30 ft wide at the base, having a hemispherical cross section. These ribs are spaced approximately 7ft apart. Along the sides of the...
  40. H

    Force required to bend sheet metal with a bending brake

    I want to know the force required to bend a piece of sheet metal in a hand bending brake. The sheet metal is clamped down and then bent upwards to a desired angle. The action is performed in the video below . Let's say I wanted to bend a piece of .032" thick AL 3' long to 110° (given the brake...
  41. newjerseyrunner

    Does light bend due to gravitational tides?

    I was wondering if the way that light vibrates causes it to bend slightly while moving around an object with extreme mass (on top of the bend caused by relativity.) I was drawing what I thought the path of a photon should be around a massive object, but the uncertainty principal bugged me. Am...
  42. Stephanus

    Unravelling the Mystery of Gravity's Speed & Bend

    Dear PF Forum, I realize that there are 4 basic forces in our universe. Two of them are gravity and electromagnetic force. Electromagnetic travels at the speed of light. And it seems that Gravity travels/propagates at the speed of light also. Light is bent by gravity. What about gravity? Is...
  43. I

    Calculating bend moment of a rotating cutting tool....?

    Hello - I've been trying to solve this for a little while, and feel I may not understand some core concepts required to solve the problem. If you have any ideas, please let me know! I would very much like to discuss how to solve this. I am trying to calculate the bend moment from a rotating...
  44. J

    Ray Tracing - Optics - Bend light with circular lenses

    Hey guys first time poster. I have written a 2D ray tracer in Mathematica. It's very basic, all it does is use Snell's law to trace ray refraction and very basic absorption. The set up is a central absorbing circle surrounded by circular lenses. The central circle is a perfect absorber, so if a...
  45. A

    Refraction of Light: Is There No Refraction?

    I understand that when light goes between air and water, refraction occurs (either towards or away from the normal). If the light going between air and water is already going in the same direction as the normal, is there no refraction (or a refraction angle of 0 degrees)? Thank you.
  46. D

    Can Magnets Bend Space-Time and Enable Time Travel?

    I was interested to know as magnetism works in space. Can magnets be used to bend space-time? If this is possible may be able to time travel.....
  47. A

    Why does light bend on refraction?

    This may be silly...but why does light bend on moving from one medium to another medium. i can understand that, the density of particles, make it difficult for light to travel, hence it slows down. But why should it bend?
  48. M

    How much force is needed to bend a fixed beam channel by 4mm at 'F'?

    HELP! how to calc the force needed to bend this fixed beam channel by 4mm at 'F'http://www.engineersedge.com/engineering-forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1254&stc=1
  49. Ganesh Ujwal

    If light cannot bend, then how magnify glass works?

    i don't understand if light cannot bend, then how magnify glass works? how it is bending & magnifying the light?
  50. I

    Vector description of motion around a bend

    Homework Statement A car, initially going eastward, rounds a 90 degree bend and ends up heading southward. If the speedometer reading remains constant, what is the direction of a car's average acceleration vector? -So i know the speed remains constant. Homework Equations average...