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Will the solve -button return?

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    Will the "solve"-button return?

    Hi all.

    The last thread I read about it was this one: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=243133

    It was a nice feature - and it makes the forums look "tidier".

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    Re: Will the "solve"-button return?

    I don't think the solved feature has been released for this version of vbulletin yet, so until that happens, no, we won't have the solved button.
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    Re: Will the "solve"-button return?

    Do you know more about this issue? I really miss the "Solve"-button, because it makes the forums look a lot more "clean", when the solved thread are actually marked as "SOLVED". I'm sure the regular and non-regular helpers will also appreciate it alot.
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