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Windows System Restore Question

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    I find that Windows System Restore has gotten me out of many a jam, both in the XP and Vista environment. My understanding is that it basically resets the registry keys to values that existed at a predetermined time. I am not sure if it does other things as well as relating to permissions and networking, too.

    It would be really nice, after a successful system restore, if the computer would tell me which registry keys changed during the restore. If it were only one or two keys, it would go a long way to pinpointing problems for prevention in the future. Or, a report about anything it reset that changed value.

    Has anyone found a way to get this info after a restore?
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    The information isn't retained, so I don't think there's a way to answer it./ If you happened to back up the registry shortly beforehand, I think you'd find thousands or even tens of thousands of changes. It's hard to use a computer for an hour without making at least a dozen changes to the registry.
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