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Homework Help: With which sample(s) of halide does sulphuric acid act as an oxidising agent?

  1. Mar 9, 2012 #1
    Concentrated sulphuric acid is added to separate solid samples of sodium chloride, sodium
    bromide or sodium iodide.
    With which sample(s) does sulphuric acid act as an oxidising agent?
    A sodium chloride only
    B sodium chloride and sodium bromide
    C sodium bromide and sodium iodide
    D sodium iodide only

    The answer is C. But what is the explanation? How do I approach questions like these, because I have no clue how to find the answer. I tried writing an equation for the 3 reaction, and they are all the same!
    NaX + H2SO4 --> NaHSO4 + HX ( You can also use the Na2SO4 reaction) So what thread do I follow to crack this?
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    It only oxidises Br- and I- to Br2 and I2 so C.) sodium bromide and sodium iodide should be the correct option
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