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Physics Wondering what physics to go into

  1. Dec 26, 2012 #1
    I want to study exotic matter(negative energy) in hopes to further refine the alcubierre drive, solving some of the problems with it like how to harness negative energy(if it is even possible?) Or study other possible forms of Faster than light travel.. What sort of physics should I pursue? I am between astrophysics Or theoretical.. anyone have any ideas?
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    As all those things are just speculation: Theoretical physics, probably with a focus on general relativity. Concerning negative energy, some courses in QFT might be relevant, too.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I am guessing you haven't studied much physics yet. When you major in physics, you get a degree in physics: there's no specialization, although you usually get to take an elective or two in something that interests you. It's not until graduate school when you begin to specialize.
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    Yes, I am talking about graduate school.
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    Well then you'll be needing to find an advisor to fund and guide you in your studies of warp drives and wormholes, which I suspect will be quite difficult indeed.

    There's nothing really wrong with thinking about and studying these topics, but just that trying to do a PhD about them is career suicide (not to mention probably impossible to begin with).
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    Alright thanks for the advice, that's a really good point
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    George Jones

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    Then I agree with mfb, general relativity and quantum field theory.

    A review you might like to look at:

    I also recommend this excellent less technical book

    Even though this book is not technical, it was written by experts in the field, it outlines how quantum field theory places restriction on exotic matter, and it has an excellent bibliography of technical references.
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    Thanks, that looks like some good material
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