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Woodpeckers Tongue and Evolution

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    I'm a novice at science and I am quite ignorant about many scientific endeavors. I have become an evolutionist in the last 2 years but I frequent a Christian website that allows both christians and athiests to participate.

    Anyway, my problem is the man who owns this website also has a call in talk radio program where he pretty much bullies and intimidates people who call in if the person disagrees with him about the existence of God and evolution.

    One day a man named Andrew called into his program and asked the man about the woodpeckers tongue. This is what the host said and I need a little help in answering his objections before I call his show. Here's what he said:

    1."How does the woodpeckers tongue evolve?"
    2 "How does it aid and not hinder enough for extinction if the tongue is shoved down the bottom of the throat to the vertebrae?"
    3. "How did that aid in survivability?"
    4. "Or the tongue is stuck down by the neck vertebrae and how does that aid in survivability?"
    5. "How does the tongue know to grow back around the skull in a groove that appears in the skull up over the top of the head and down to the eyes, down to the nostrils and out the mouth before it's finally gonna help he wood peckers survivability?"

    Those are the questions he asked the athesist and I have read a couple of articles about the woodpeckers tongue but was wondering if a few experts could help me give reasonable answers to this man when I call his talk show to challenge him about the woodpeckers tongue and evolution. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.
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