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Homework Help: Work is still a four letter word

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    A 2.5 kg box slides across the flat surface of a table. The coefficient of kinetic friction for the table/box is 0.295. The box is attached to a light string that passes over a low friction pulley and is connected to a 3.0 kg mass that is hanging vertically. (a) find the acceleration of the system (b) find the velocity of the 2.5 kg box after it has been dragged 0.25 if its initial velocity was 0.25m/s, and (c) find the kinetic energy of the box at this point.

    Please help!!
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    Care to show us what you have tried so far, or how you think you would go about beginning the question?
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    What have you done so far? Is there a particular part that you need help with?

    If you need help starting off, draw a diagram of the system, then draw free body diagrams for each component. Be sure to list all forces acting on each piece.
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