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Homework Help: Work required to fill a conical tank

  1. Feb 11, 2009 #1
    A right circular conical tank of height 3 feet and radius 1 foot at the top is filled with water to a height of 2 feet. Find the work required to pump all the water up and over the top of the tank.

    similar triangles : x=y/3

    water 62.5 lb/ft^3


    ?? am i setting this up right
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    Re: Work

    Please show us how you set it up so that we can check your work. What is the weight of a typical volume element? The incremental work, [itex]\Delta W[/itex], is the weight of a typical volume element times the distance it has to be raised. Finally, the limits of integration will be the interval over which [itex]\Delta y[/itex] ranges.
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