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Working for one year between BSc and MSc?

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    Hi all,

    What is your opinion, is it smarter to continue with a MSc immediately after the BSc or working for one year to gain industry experience? By work, I mean work closely related to the field of the BSc.

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    I don't think it's so much a case of one path being objectively better than the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and those are going to sum differently depending on individual circumstances.

    By working for a year, you have the advantage of earning a nice paycheque. You might pay off some debt, or bank some money for when you're in grad school. If you're lucky enough to stay inside your field, you also gain a broader perspective than one that's limited by academia. However, you can get used to that steady income, and there is the risk of intellectual atrophe.
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    My goal is to eventually continue in academia or maybe begin a startup, I thought maybe working for one year will be good for my resume when applying for a PhD position. I'm studying CS btw.
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    So you're planning on getting your undergrad done in CS then work for a year and then go for your graduate work in CS? If that's the case, you might be better off just continuing without interruption.

    But like Choppy said, it depends on the person. Perhaps you want to take a break or save money or maybe deep down inside you might not want to go to graduate school since it does not take a graduate degree to begin a startup.
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    Thanks for your opinions.

    I think its easier to begin a startup in university because of support you get as a student (free legal advice, access to funding, cheap work space and the ties of the university with industry).
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    @OP: can you secure summer internships? My youngest nephew did that when in Chem E, and had a great job waiting for him when he graduated.
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    I have nothing planned yet, but this might be a good option too.
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    I worked for 4 years between my BS and my current PhD. I graduated with zero debt from my undergrad so going to grad school wasn't out of the question but I was sick of school and living in poverty so I got a job. I saved up an insane amount of money over those 4 years so now I don't feel like I'm living as a grad student which is nice for my stress levels. Plus it gave me experience so when I have to go back out and work my resume isn't filled with strictly academia junk.
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