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Working for X through staffing agency Y: How to put on resume?

  1. Feb 14, 2014 #1
    Suppose you're working for Amazon through a tech staffing agency. How do you put that on your resume?
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    Make it simple. You worked at Amazon. Put that entry on your resume. Interviewer won't care who paid you. Tell them the truth if asked, but unlikely anybody will.
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    D H

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    This is bad advice. If the paycheck comes from XYZ Staffing Agency rather than Amazon, the employer had better be listed as XYZ Staffing Agency rather than Amazon. The employers listed on a resume *must* match the candidate's verifiable employment history. You might make it past the interview if you list the employer as Amazon, but you probably won't get hired because of the mismatch between the resume and the employment history.
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    I'd put:

    Widget Shipper, Amazon (through Agency X)

    Then list your Amazon supervisor as a contact for that job, since the folks at Agency X don't know the particulars of your job performance.
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