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Job Skills How to put publication on resume?

  1. Jan 30, 2017 #1
    I just recently published a 15 page educational handout on my college's website through my job. This handout does not have my name on it even though I spent weeks writing it. Instead, it has the name of the place that I work at.

    Can I put this on my resume?

    P.S. My boss is pretty mad at me right now because I just switched my schedule, so I'm worried that I can't use her as a reference for this.
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    Yes, put it on your resume listing all authors if any and explain the reason the authors names are missing from the actual document if someone questions it.

    Be aware that it probably won't carry much weight as its a handout and not like something published in a journal. However, if the jobs you're seeking have this as a requirement then it shows your skill as a writer.
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    First of all, I will not call this a "publication", at least, not in the academic sense. So I strongly suggest that you do not refer to this as a publication in your resume. You may call it a documentation or even a hand-out.

    Secondly, is the inclusion of this help your resume? Or it will make it sound "desperate" that makes it appear that you lack other things to include? While including this may look fine for a generic resume, if you are using it to apply for a position, then you have to tailor your resume accordingly. You need to ask if you should include such-and-such on your resume for that particular position. Including more, and including all, is not necessarily a good thing, especially if the person reading your resume gets the impression that you are including every single minutia of your activities and accomplishments. Trust me, I've read such resume, and my interest in reading the 4-page resume got lost by the end of the 2nd page!

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