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Working in all engineering fields

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    I am currently a student studying for Mechanical Engineering. For the longest time I have been under the impression that with my Me. En. degree I could, more or less, work in almost any field of engineering. Specifically Structural Engineering. Is this assumption correct or should I really begin to specialize as much as possible in a field?
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    what do you want to do with your degree?
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    if you're talking to me, then kind of. I never mentioned a job, just a goal.
    I study engineering because I want to make robots. Granted, a job will help with that goal. But so will education in mechanical engineering. And a degree will help with a job.
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    You can work in many areas of structural engineering with an ME degree. However, piping and pressure vessel codes traditionally fall under mechanical engineering and structural codes are part of building codes, which fall under civil engineering.
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