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Would fusion of two people into one person ever be possible?

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    Do you guys think fusion between humans would ever be possible? like two or more people fuse to form another person who is the sum of their parts. Do you think nanotechnology would make it possible?
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    They're called children. :oldwink:
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    No i don't mean children. I mean fusion without childbirth or sexual copulation. I mean if there's two 6 foot people and they fuse then they would immediately form a 12 foot person with both personalities combined into the fusion.
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    What are you trying to get at? People aren't made of clay. You can't just lump two people together to get a double sized person.

    Think what you're asking, we are made of organs, muscles, bones and a host of other tissue with each person's DNA being different. Even at the cell level, how would you ever combine these into one person and not have tissue rejection?
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    Thank you all for your participation, as we've exhausted this topic and the OP's question has been sufficiently answered we now close this thread.

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