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Wow! So many steps to start a business

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    I would like to get a business started by year's end, but Christ. I'm going crazy looking at all these forms I have to fill out, and I'm not sure these are all the ones I need.

    I'm going to pull my hair out...
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    What city and country are you in? The Nolo Press has some helpful books and resources that should be of use to you. Look in the business section at the top of this page:

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    That website looks like its going to be a big help. Thank you. I'll have to take a look at it when I get home later on today.

    Oh, I'm in Miami, Fl.
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    In Canada, you don't need to fill out any forms for a small business.
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    Free healthcare and no forms. Is school free as well?

    I think I'm going to move...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What kind of business are you starting?

    You might check with the Small Business Administration
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    Going from what I've read, It'd be best for me start this as an LLC. I'll basically be a reseller of industrial equipment, parts, engine parts, starters, etc. I've been in this a couple of years and I really can't take working for somebody else. I have contacts in high places that can offer me decent discounts for something that I'll be running on my own.

    Thanks a lot for all the info, guys.
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    it depends on what city you live in, but that's true:
    http://www.bizpal.ca/index_e.shtml [Broken]

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    Well, I don't know what sort of forms need filling out in the US, but if you want an incorporated company structure for your small business, there are the Corporate Registry forms to fill out and then Minute Book documents to create. If you're opening a shop, you need to sign leases, apply for a business permit, pass police checks. If you are running certain professional services, you have to complete forms for your professional licensing. It's not entirely form-free to start a business here.
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    As I understand it, with BizPal (= Business Permits & Licensing) all someone needs to do is fill in the blanks. The best analogy I can think of is a program for doing income tax. There's no need for someone to mess around with paperwork & wonder if they've got all the federal, provincial or municipal forms they need. They just answer the questions about their business that come up on the screen. The whole country isn't part of it though; Nunavut, Quebec, PEI & N&L haven't signed up yet, and in the provinces that have signed up not every municipality has either. The list of all the participants (minus New Brunswick) is here:
    http://www.bizpal.ca/part_partners.shtml [Broken]
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    From what I've gathered, all I will need are a reseller's certificate/license and my tax certificate. I don't plan on having any employees, yet. I can get "dealer" status with some big companies if I do things right. This stuff gets expensive!
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    You don't need a business permit. The business permit only provides tax breaks, and allows you to do certain things like lease a building in some area and so on.

    If all you want to do is gardening, then you can run it out of your own home and people can call you for your services.
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    No, a business permit doesn't provide tax breaks. It's necessary if you open a shop or lease space open to the public as I wrote in my initial post. It means you are registered to do business in a public place within the city you live.

    Plus, I forgot about registering for a business account with Revenue Canada for a business number for a GST account and payroll account.

    Truly, it depends on what sort of business you're opening how many different forms and pieces of paper. I've had, at one point or other, to fill out all of them from start to finish, both for me and for other people. More than once.

    I was just pointing out that saying there were "no forms" to fill out when opening a company in Canada is just plain wrong. I don't know what the hoops are in the States, but I'm more than aware of what the hoops look like here. As I said, I've done them. Lots.
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