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Programs Writing a PhD research proposal: AdS/CFT

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    I am trying to write a research proposal and hav no idea where to start
    I'm doing a Masters in Theoretical Physics and want to do a PhD involving such Geometrical Applications to QFT.
    But the last sentence, besides personal background and a relatively naive version of why I'm interested is all I have. Any suggestions at all??? Do I read a few journals and come up with suggestions, tho I have only started my String Theory/Supersymmetry/Advanced Relativity Courses this term, so the journals are doubly hard to follow---eep! help!
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    In which country?
    I've never heard of student having to write a proposal before, this is usually done by the thesis advisor or whoever is managing the project.
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    Thanks for the reply!
    In england-I'm writing to Dr James Sparks at Oxford, and that's pretty much the response I've gotten from most people---but it's distinctly stated that a research proposal is required :S
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    I'm new to Physics Forums, and so you may have already got this:
    Thanks for the reply!
    In England, I'm applying to Dr James Sparks at Oxford, and indeed that has been the reponse I've gotten from so many.
    But unfortunately the DPhill Theoretical Physics application sclearly states the requirement of research proposal.
    Any suggestions of literature on Anti-de Sitter/Conformal Field Theory and its connection with M2-branes and such related matters that might help???
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    Are you totally sure that the application states that you must write a research proposal? I've not heard that this is the norm-- usually a "research interests" type part of a PhD application is really just a place to write what you've specifically been interested in from your courses or work that you've done in your dissertation or equivalent. Have you contacted the admissions tutor of the department you're applying to and asked for clarification?
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    I agree with cristo. Find out before worrying too much about it. Research proposals are formal and you're unlikely to be even close to qualified to write one properly (afterall, the first year of a PhD is reading so that you can try to understand your place in the field). If it does state research proposal, then I imagine it will be what cristo suggests - a 'research interests' - more of a 'what do you want to do?' than a detailed plan.
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    Yeah, I think you're right-I do have a tendency to assume so much more is expected than what actually is.
    Indeed, I've been told that the idea of even a first year PhD student coming up with a rough draft of a contents page has only recently been introduced, and is dismissed by most.
    Thank you so much guys--you've really, really appreciated!! I hope I could return the favour someday---You've turned what was going to be a truly agonising week around.
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    *I really, really appreciate it--:S
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    And thanks Cristo for the guidelines--I'll get better soon I promise!
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