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Wysips transparent solar cell.

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    Didnt einstein show that the work function depends on frequency not intensity? If so, than why does the Wysips cell use a magnifying array?
    Sorry i dont have a pic, but a diagram of the solar cell may be found using google images.
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    The higher the intensity the less active material is required. That makes the cell cheaper.
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    As far as I know magnifying arrays are used for GaAs-based solar cell, which are high-efficiency but expensive. For Si-based solar cells, which are much cheaper, no concentration optics is used.
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    But if you're using the solar cell on your mobile device which is always moving around (as is the sun), then the focused sunlight would always move out of the active silicon area.
    Plus, since polycrystalline is so cheap nowadays, are u sure the cost of adding lenses+the poor optical tranmission thru the lens array is worth it?

    Again, in my gendankin, im seeing the focused sunlight move all over the place, and only periodically and by chance falling on the active area therefore my question remains unexplained.
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    Alright, I figured out the lens array issue.
    The lenses aren't used to focus loght at all; theyre used because the silicon coating would be too thin (1 micron) to carry charges. Thus, the array is added.
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    I wonder how the photoelectric layer is supposed to be efficient and use the light energy falling on it, yet it lets light through it so that you can see the display. The more light the cell absorbs, the brighter the display would need to be - and hence would need more electrical power?????
    I guess, if the display were off for most of the time, that might not be a problem but it would need a large off/on time ratio. Also, a very directional display could help: hence the lenticular screen.
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