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Yearly US Manufacturing Capacity 1946-Now

  1. Jan 18, 2012 #1
    does anybody have these numbers?
    it could be manufacturing SECTOR in $ of output.
    not looking for numbers of people employed in manufacturing or
    number of companies small and large.
    i think capacity is best.

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    just looking at the first list.
    i don't like those numbers.
    how much has the population grown
    in those years?
    looks like a peak in 1980 of
    19 million employed in manufacturing.

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    sounds right - the numbers that get thrown around alot is that the US, in inflation-adjusted terms, makes 3 times the stuff with half the workforce than it did in the 1970s
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    ehht! no adjustments yet!:smile:
    what about the population of the US
    from 1946-2011?
    no applying the percentage of Americans
    working in manufacturing.
    seems like population was @150 million in early 60's
    and we passed 300 million recently.

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