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A Z-coordinate shift when using elliptical integrals?

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    I'm wondering if my approach to a problem is correct as when I try to simulate the DC magnetic field of a current loop using elliptical integrals, I obtain results that appear incorrect when shifting the current loop's location from the origin of the z axis.

    I have attached the mathematical expressions along with my results.

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    Charles Link

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    I was unable to view the "link" on my computer. I think I wound up evaluating a similar integral in a write-up I did where I showed the Biot-Savart integral from some surface currents gives the exact same result as the pole method. I only evaluated the integral in the plane of the endface of a cylinder of semi-infinite length: See: https://www.overleaf.com/read/kdhnbkpypxfk
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    Thanks for the reply Charles,

    There was an error in my code.

    I have achieved symmetry.
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