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Zinc-air fuel cells, advantes/disadvantages?

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    So my uncle approaches me today with some investor guide dealy. It takes albout some Power Airtech company and how it is going to introduce some zinc-air fuel cell that they developed with LLNL. Can someone explain the advantages and disadvantages of such a system. They made it out to be greater then fusion power so the article wasn't much help.
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    Apparently Zinc-Air fuel cells are a mature technology.





    http://www.fuelcells.org/basics/types.html [Broken] - general overview of fuel cells.

    But I would caution one before investing. One must research the company and the principal people involved. One might also try contacting LLNL or browsing their website to find out how they are involved with the company in question.

    Zinc-air technology moves toward commercialization

    http://www.navc.org/whomakes.html [Broken] - some companies making fuel cell buses.
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