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Jul10-07, 08:31 PM
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leright, this is mostly for vertical flight, right? I think I remember your thread on the control and feedback system. If the rocket is going to servo mostly vertically, can you just make the diameter of the tunnel only a few times the outer fin tip distances? Can you get it down to more like 1 foot in diameter? I don't know if that helps enough, though.
unfortunately, to house the electronics and servo motors/controllers the rocket 'tube' will need to be at least 6 inches in diameter I believe, and the rear fins plus tube diameter will be roughly 18 inches in diameter. I could get away with using a tube with a 20 inch diameter, I think. I could actually get away with using a 40,000 cfm blower if I were to do that. Ideally though, I would be able to get the wind speed to the maximum speed of the rocket, which is roughly 500 mph.