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Here contain all the expert technical physics tutorials for all physics areas. These are technical how-to articles that focus on teaching you a specific skill or how to solve a specific problem. From classic mechanics to general relativity. Self study and classroom strategy. Learn something new today!

Minkowski Spacetime

How to Study Fermi-Walker Transport in Minkowski Spacetime

This is the first of several posts that will develop some mathematical…
rotational mechanics

An Example of Servo-Constraints in Mechanics

Servo-constraint was invented by Henri Beghin in his PhD thesis…
unity orbital mechanics

Orbital Mechanics in Unity Game Engine for Augmented Reality

In this post I’ll go over implementing basic orbital mechanics…
walter lewin

A New Interpretation of Dr. Walter Lewin's Paradox

Much has lately been said regarding this paradox which first…

Calculating the Spin of Black Hole Sagittarius A*

This Insight takes a look at how it is possible to calculate…

Solving Einstein's Field Equations in Maxima

A few months ago, pervect pointed me to a post by Chris Hillman…

Rindler Motion in Special Relativity: Rindler Coordinates

Our destination In our last article, Hyperbolic Trajectories,…

Rindler Motion in Special Relativity: Hyperbolic Trajectories

Introduction: Why Rindler Motion? When students learn relativity,…

Statistical Mechanics: Equilibrium Systems

This is the first of a multi-part series of articles intended…
Maxwell equations

The Homopolar Generator: An Analytical Example

Introduction It is surprising that the homopolar generator,…

An Integral Result from Parseval's Theorem

Introduction:In this Insight article,  Parseval's theorem…

Relativity Using the Bondi K-calculus

Although Special Relativity was formulated by Einstein (1905),…

Relativity Variables: Velocity, Doppler-Bondi k, and Rapidity

Traditional presentations of special relativity place emphasis…

Frames of Reference: Linear Acceleration View

My previous Insight, Frames of Reference: A Skateboarder's View,…

Fabry-Perot and Michelson Interferometry: A Fundamental Approach

Fabry-Perot Effect:The Fabry-Perot effect is usually treated…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Physically Reasonable?

 In the last article, we looked at various counterintuitive…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Coordinates

 At the end of part 1, we looked at the form the…

The Schwarzschild Geometry: Key Properties

 Not long after Einstein published his Field Equation,…

Explaining How Rolling Motion Works

Although rolling wheels are everywhere, when most people are…

Grandpa Chet's Entropy Recipe

How do you determine the change in entropy for a closed system…

Orbital Precession in the Schwarzschild and Kerr Metrics

The Schwarzschild Metric A Lagrangian that can be used to describe…

Precession in Special and General Relativity

The Absolute DerivativeIn relativity we typically deal with…

Tetrad Fields and Spacetime

A spacetime is often described in terms of a tetrad field, that…

Relativity on Rotated Graph Paper

This Insight is a follow up to my earlier tutorial Insight (Spacetime…

Basic Kinematics in Classical Mechanics

There is an interesting thing in teaching of Classical Mechanics.…

Presenting a Rare Kinematic Formula

Here we present some useful kinematic fact which is uncommon…

Elementary Construction of the Angular Velocity

Physics books  seldom contain accurate definition of the angular…

Frequently Made Errors in Vectors - Elementary Use

 A vector has magnitude and direction. Pictorially,…

LightCone7 Tutorial Part III - How Things are Computed

In Part I and Part II of this mini-series, we have briefly discussed…

LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part II - Charts

Part I dealt with the basic user interface of LightCone7Combo.…

LightCone7Combo Tutorial Part I

LightCone 7 Combo is a versatile tabulating/charting cosmological…

Centrifugal Force Reversal Near A Black Hole

My goal in this article is to derive a simple equation for the…

A Short Proof of Birkhoff's Theorem

Birkhoff's theorem is a very useful result in General Relativity,…
heat errors

Frequently Made Errors in Heat: Elementary Level

1. Heat, Work, Internal Energy and Kinetic Energy "If heat is…

Frequently Made Errors: Pseudo and Resultant Forces

  1. Real versus Fictitious Pseudo, or "fictitious",…

Why Renormalisation Needs a Cutoff

This is a follow on from my paper explaining renormalisation.…
errors springs

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Springs

  1. Springs in Series "A spring of constant ##k_1##…
impact errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Momentum and Impacts

  An impact is an impulse (change of momentum)…

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Hydrostatics

  1. Archimedes' Principle X "When a body is placed…

A Partial "Derivation" of Gauss's Law

Gauss's law was formulated by Carl Friedrich Gauss in 1835. It…
error handling

Frequently Made Errors in Equation Handling

  1. Algebra versus Arithmetic When numerical values…
kinematic errors

Frequently Made Errors in Mechanics: Kinematics

  Kinematics is the subset of dynamics…