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Here contains all the physics guides written by community members who are experts in their fields. These guides are non-technical articles that usually help in how to study physics as a student or life in academia. From self study to classroom strategy. Learn something new today!

Physics Olympiad Corrections

Corrections to the Australian Physics Olympiad Questions and Solutions

ref: Classification of issues: [1*] Quibble regarding the solution. [2*] Clearer problem…
what if physics questions

How to Avoid Breaking Physics With Your “What If” Question

We get a lot of "what if" questions here on Physics Forums. This article will explore three different types and then some suggestions for students who…
Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

An Accurate Simple Harmonic Oscillator Laboratory

Learning Objectives * Execute a specific experimental procedure to test a specific hypothesis. * Use the Tracker video analysis software for a simple…
Telescope Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Your First Telescope

We often have questions about what telescope an aspiring amateur astronomer should buy. The "correct" answer can be elusive and is highly dependent on…
physics blogs

What Are Your Favorite Science or Math Blogs?

We asked our PF Advisors to tell us what their favorite science or math blog is (other than PF Insights).We also have a physics blog list here.Here…

Getting Started with Solar System Imaging

Some of the most visible objects in the sky are objects within our own solar system: including the Sun, moon, and planets. These objects are generally…

Learn Advanced Astrophotography Tips

 "I’ve tried astrophotography and want to know how to improve."Here’s where I assume you are contemplating the purchase of a tracking…

Learn Intermediate Astrophotography Tips

  Level 2: I know how to use a camera, what do I need to know for astrophotography? Image processing methods used to reduce background and noise…

Introduction to Astrophotography for Beginners

 For this Insight series (3 total), my assumption is that either you are using a camera (with an attached lens) or you already know how to…
physics blogs

Physics Blogs You Need to Be Reading

These are some of the best physics blogs, updated regularly, written by some of the top minds. The feeds are updated on page refresh, so bookmark this…

A Layman’s Guide to: Lies, Damned Lies and Pseudoscience

It seems nowadays that we are getting swamped with science. But not the science of the valid kind. Science where people follow the scientific method and…

Learn Solar Eclipse Viewing Basics

Key PointsNEVER view the sun with the naked eye for any length of time, as doing so may cause irreversible eye damage or blindness. ONLY totality…

Physics Forums Crackpot Index and Bingo

Discussing science online can often be a frustrating experience if no quality controls are in place, which is often the case. As part useful reference…