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Here contains all the other science guides for topics in technology sectors like computing, smart devices, equipment and more. These guides are non-technical articles that usually help in how to study science at all levels. From self study to classroom strategy. Learn something new today!

android rooting

An Intro to the Systemless Interface of Rooting Android Phones

What you can learn from this article:What is meant by rooting an Android phone Steps to take before proceeding to root your phone Google’s…
bloatware android phones

Clearing Misconceptions and Some Tips on Debloating Android Phones

What is bloatware? When you unbox your new phone, it comes with Android that is pre-installed by the manufacturer. This is termed as “stock firmware”.…
20 year tech predictions

What Technology or Discovery Will Be the Most Revolutionary Within 20 Years?

We asked our advisors "What technology or scientific discovery will be the most revolutionary within the next 20 years?" Here are their responses… Demystifier "Machine…

An Introduction to Computer Languages

In this Insights Guide the focus is entirely on types of languages, how they relate to what computers actually do, and how they are used by people. It…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Tripods

 A tripod holds a camera still while the shutter is open, preventing motion blur.  The tripod must be able to maintain this stability in…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: DSLR

 I'm ready for a DSLR!A: These cameras were originally designed for professionals.  Users of these cameras are expected to already understand…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Bridge Cameras

 I've never owned a camera, but I want to get a 'real' camera (that doesn't cost too much). I've owned an entry-level camera already and…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Compact Point and Shoot

 I've never owned a camera (besides what is in my cell phone and laptop). I want to take pictures at parties and post them online or email…

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide: Introduction

 First, congratulations! Camera technology has advanced to the point where a complete novice, using an entry-level camera right out of the…

Reflections on Technology Product Quality

On Hardware Quality It is impossible to test quality into a product. Quality must be designed into the product.The hardware designer is always…