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Nov29-07, 08:42 PM
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I'm Rahul Lakshmanan, planning to apply for the MS/PhD program in Artificial Intelligence/Robotics in the US. As such I know of only a few univs that offer this program
as standalone, most notable of those being CMU.

I'd like some help with finding out of the other universities that offer AI as a standalone
program or that have MS/PhD CS with strong leanings toward AI/Robotics. Also, how many gradschools should I apply to?

Also, some details on my background:

UG: Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering - from University in India
GPA: 8.65 / 10.0
relevant Courses: Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming - C++, Java, Intelligent System Automation, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Engineering Mathematics, Graph Theory, Distributed Systems

Papers: No journal publication. Final year project on Artificial Immune systems submitted.

If I could get a probability of my chances of acceptance into the CMU robotics program and the programs in other universities, it would help tremendously as a guideline/for deciding the ROI of trying to get admission into a University.

Appreciate the help.

Rahul Lakshmanan
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