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Mar21-03, 09:48 AM
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The teleporter paradox

This scenario defies Quantum Mechanics. Sorry, but statistically you just cannot make an exact duplicate of yourself before the universe as we know it ceases to exist. If you could use Quantum teleportation to make a copy of yourself it would have statistically significant deviations upon arrival.

In addition, Relativity implies that mass-energy and spacetime are intimately connected. Just as no two things are exactly alike, no two points in space are either. It is just impossible to have some place without also having some thing and vice versa.

Assuming then that you do teleport a copy of yourself it would not be exactly the same at all. For the sake of argument, assuming it is superficially humanly impossible to tell any difference, it still doesn't seem weird to me. Every snow flake has at least one "identical" copy somewhere. Supposidly every person on the planet has someone else somewhere that looks strikingly like them.

All this points out to me is that we are all similar and different at the same time. Perhaps that is the real paradox.