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Oct14-11, 03:47 PM
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I don't want to bore you with the story of my life but basically I am 18, I have no grades. The reason for that is because I had cancer at 16. I was offered to go back to school but I naively turned it down.

Now I am a milkman. I started 3 months ago. I have become increasingly anxious about my future, its almost as though I am having a mid-life crisis, or rather, a early-life crisis.

The reason is I want to be a scientist in physics. I am fascinated by how to universe works and want to be a part of our evolution to find out the wonders of the universe.

Am I too late to go to collage and get my maths and other stuff, then go to uni?

Also what would I need to study, apart from A-level Maths and physics?
Have you got any GCSE's? If so then you could just get straight onto the a level physics/maths, also take further maths if you can. If not then you'd have to get your GCSEs (at least 5A-Cs) and get a B grade in maths and physics, and a C in English to get onto a college.