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Jan19-12, 12:32 PM
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Hey All,

I am familiar with some of the practices of bolted connections between steel plates, or steel beams etc. I am currently facing a design problem at work dealing with a composite metal panel being screwed to a hallow PVC beam. The PVC beam is screwed into a hallow aluminum beam. However, for simplicity I will just consider the PVC section supported, and perform analysis on both the composite metal panel and the aluminum, and find the limiting factors. My problem is I cant seem to find any procedures dealing with PVC to metal connections.

Im looking for some links to information that might help me.

anything on tension, and shear would be helpful. Basically what im looking for is at what force will the screw pull out of the PVC (stripping), and what downward force will cause the PVC to deform thus voiding the connection.

I've attached a RUFF sketch of what I'm talking about

Any info will be helpful. Thanks guys!
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