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Oct7-03, 05:24 PM
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This lonely little Forum hasn't seen much traffic, and I suspect it's because most of you don't know exactly what the field of Systems Engineering actually entails. Given the importance of "the systems approach" to modern engineering, I think a tutorial thread is in order.

The discussion will be based on the book, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, 2ed, by Close and Frederick, Houghton Mifflin, 1993.

The topics in this introduction are going to be as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Translational Mechanical Systems
3. Standard Forms for System Models
4. Rotational Mechanical Systems
5. Electrical Systems
6. Analytical Solution of Linear Models
7. The Laplace Transform
8. Transfer Function Analysis
9. Developing a Linear Model (from a nonlinear system)
10. Electromechanical Systems
11. Thermal Systems
12. Hydraulic Systems

And if I can figure out how to post diagrams online:
13. Block Diagrams
14. Feedback System Modeling and Design Tools
15. Computer Analysis
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