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electronic engineer
Nov23-05, 10:28 AM
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Quote Quote by berkeman
Welcome to PF, EE. If I understand your question correctly, yes, we'd be happy to help with your questions. Please keep in mind two things. First, if it is a homework question, that should be posted in the homework forums on PF. And as for posting Eagle layout files, it's best to choose a file format that everybody can read, like a PDF or a Word document. You can get a free PDF writer from, for example, or you can use the Copy-Paste technique to paste a copy of your layout drawing into Word.
thanks for your reply! what did you mean by PF and EE?

I might send eagle layout files as JPG or PNG extensions, if that's possible!

Another question please , Are the members at this forum engineers or high level education or just have some experiences...

thanks a lot, best regarads!

electronic engineer.