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China and United States

by Kinn Sein
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Feb23-08, 04:57 PM
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Quote Quote by Milo Hobgoblin View Post
they got there by busting their asses in school and working some 14 hour days for years on end and biotech firms, construction companies, stock firms etc...
This is another example of psychologically repressing the more unfortunate. Many people have studied all their lives, but didn't become wealthy, many people all over the world have a very high degree of knowledge and aren't wealthy. Oh but they had to work "14 hours a day" for years. Why ? Slicing and dicing stocks ? working with stocks is like playing poker, sometimes you guess right and win and make money sometimes you guess wrong and lose. Is that actually work ? or is it play ? The guy who works at construction did he actually build the homes with his own hands, or did some mexican slave do it for 5 dollars an hour ? who actually worked there ? biotech should be very much study and thinking, you can do that on a beach even better, or do you have to show some boss that you are "putting in the hours" and "face time" ?

I am tired of hearing the same old story of "hard work", "work ethic" etc. when in reality it is a game to fool people.

If those people were successful, it was because they were LUCKY, KNEW HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE AND SELL THEMSELVES WELL, and also they did their homework, studied and applied what they studied well. It can be done well working 5 hours a day, if you work well.

Give me an example of a typical 14 hour a day job and where all the work is being put in if I'm wrong. Useless meetings don't count since that is just an elaborate form of partying.
Feb26-08, 05:07 AM
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Can't remeber how many times I have read similar debates. The real flaw of all these kinds of debates is based on generalizing particular cases. Each and every person, job, experience is unique, may have some general properties amongst them, but each case is a single case. So you will find an entire spectrum of people from those who "worked hard" and failed to those who didn't do anything and became rich. OF course common sense dictates that by applying yourself constantly you should get better results. But it is just common sense, your mileage may vary greatly.
Mar6-08, 02:41 PM
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Quote Quote by nannoh View Post
The Franklin Institute lists some of the many Chinese inventions that came before US confederation here:

Including: gunpowder, the compass, spaghetti, and many more.
Yes though unfortunately little to nothing innovative came out of China after the establishment of the US, that is, while China was closed to the rest of the world.
Mar6-08, 04:32 PM
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I believe that during the korean war China, along with the Soviet Union were far ahead of us in mind control technique. Discovery of these techniques being used on pows in korea led to the famous Mkultra project. After that it became a technology race in the mind control department. They were the innovators of that technology. Information on how the technology has advanced, or even how advanced it was is largely classified, so me or you couldn't really say who is ahead, or how advanced it is now.

I suspect that there is a lot of classified technology on both sides which is unavailable to the public, so I think that the op's question is going to always be a mystery to the public.

Certain kinds of technology are better weapons when made public, certain types are not.
One example is the atomic bomb. We have it and we can strike, so we say don't mess with us, and we gain lots of power. On the other hand biological warfare, for example selectively bread antibiotic resistant small pox. That technology is more powerful kept secret because it can be used in a sneaky way, and making it public would cause efforts on the other side to defend. The same with mind control, it is better left a secret. You never know what kind of advancements they have on the sneaky department.
Jul8-09, 05:36 PM
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On the note of how China and the US (and Russia) can collaborate or compete, I can recommend this article:

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