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FindFit with complex domains

by Littlepig
Tags: findfit, mathematica
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Oct15-09, 05:32 AM
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Hi there

Suppose I have data of the format {x,y+i z} where x,y,z is real and i is the imaginary unit.

I'm trying to make a FindFit of some nasty model that, suppose for simplification is f(x) = a^b*x^2+exp(a)*b*i*x (domain is real, codomain is complex and a,b are Real) and can be written as f(x)= g(x) + i h(x). I want to FindFit to find "a" and "b" that makes f(x) best fit the data.

How can I do this? There is no way of constrain a and b to Real as FindFit don't allow that. Furthermore, it appears that FindFit don't accept imaginary data.

Thank you very much for your response
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